Monday, June 28, 2010

Emma Comes Home

We brought sweet Emma home yesterday. We are all adjusting to having another little one at home :) Slowly, but surely!

Today, Lily during nap time, Lily fell asleep on the couch next to Emma who was sleeping right next to her! So cute! Oh! Did I mention we are in our new house? Yeah, we moved in about 12 hours before we had to be at the hospital to have Emma. Crazy! But, we are happy to be in our new place! I will try to get pics up of it...eventually!

In order to try to include Lily and Ava a little more in the bringing home baby process, Nathan took them to pick out a "birthday" cake for Emma. Lily, clarified, however, that they should be getting Emma baby food because, "Babies can't eat cake." Boy, will she be surprised to find out Emma will not even being eating a baby food for at least a few months!

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