Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Great Disney Adventure

Last weekend, we headed off for four days at Disney. My dad had gotten us all tickets to Magic Kingdom for out birthdays, but they are running a deal where FL residents can go to 4 parks in 4 days for $99, so we went ahead and upgraded to those tickets and headed out for a Disney marathon! It was a lot of fun. We camped out at Fort Wilderness with my BIL, SIL, and nieces and they also hit the parks with us. So fun! I was a little worried about Ava with this trip. The kids hate animatronic things. No toys with batteries, no rides at the mall. None of that kind of stuff. She cried through the whole first ride we went on, then she got slowly better an better at the rides. Not many smiles (except on Small World when I told her the Polynesian dancers shook their booties just like her), but I think she had a good time. She has been talking about it a ton since we got back at any rate. So, here are the pics. Not a ton of them. Keeping up with two kids, while waddling around, and taking pics was not super easy.

Checking in at Ft. Wilderness


Outside the big ball. Ava was not a happy camper...

Nemo Ride

One of the countries...not sure which one...

Little England

Velcro Show
Cute little show with some competitions. All about Velcro...or hook and loop as we were told it was called. Lily, Ava, and Nate all competed!

Tower building contest!

Nate got to compete in a diapering competition. And, he won! Yay!

That's my man!

Magic Kingdom

Cinderella's Golden Carousel

Alright, check out this face. She had this exact same face on EVERY ride. Carousel, Snow White, It's a Small World, Haunted Mansion. Same face. No matter what.

Lily was quite pleased to be here :)

It's a Small World
There's that face again...

Dumbo! No, girls, please, don't look at the camera! Whatever you do, don't look at the camera!

Mom, we've only been here an hour and I...am...so...tired.

Duck. Cute isn't he? Nope. After this picture, he promptly walked over and packed my shoulder because I would not share my sandwich. Stupid duck. The cute red head is my niece, Katherine. She is way cuter than the stupid duck :)

Eating apples, or 10 pictures where Ava did not look at the camera once.

Waiting for Pirates of the Carribean
So, Ava decided she was going to become a thumb/ finger sucker on this trip. Not sure why. Just hoping she gives it up quickly...
Tea Cups

Minnie's House

Ava picking a whole plant...not just a flower, but a whole plant. Pretty sure you're not supposed to do that in Disney World...

So pleased at breaking the rules!

Ferry Ride back to the parking lot
This was how Ava traveled most of the day in this stroller. Her choice. She thought it was great.

Love that face!


Animal Kingdom

Alright, where to first?

Safari Ride: this ride was really cool. The animals were all out in the open. It was really fun. Way better than a zoo.

Gorilla...well, his back.

Hanging with the ciclids.

Where are we going, again?

Brushing the sheep at the petting zoo

Meeting Pocahontas (the only character we took pics with, what's up with that?)
Ava, Chloe, Lily.

Corissa, Chloe, and Courtney.

Waiting on Sissy and Daddy.

See Lily and Chloe in the front row? Lily is in the purple. This was one of Lily's favorite rides. Crazy girl!

Hollywood Studios (a.k.a. MGM)

In Front of the Muppets Fountain.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground
Sliding on the giant roll of film!

And, here's Ava.

Hanging in the giant fiddleheads (Lily's favorite part).

Sliding down a giant leaf.

Riding the giant ant.

Toy Story 2 Ride
Trying on their 3D shades for the Toy Story ride (really fun ride, btw).

After Toy Story, we checked out some shows (including Playhouse Disney where we selected as the Family of the Day, which is not as cool as it sounds) and then headed home. Lily's favorite rides where Thunder Mountain and Dinosaur. Both roller coasters, I'm sure Splash Mountain would have topped the list, but it was closed. Such a nut. It was such a fun weekend! I think the girls had a blast! Thank you, Poppy, for the awesome trip! And, thank you Vashii, Rachael, and girls for hanging with us!

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carey anne said...

I am so glad you guys had a good time!! I think it is too funny that Lily loved those rollercoster rides! She is a nut!