Thursday, January 21, 2010


I just realized I have yet to post our big new on the blog. I think pretty much everyone knows the we are expecting Baby Girl #3 sometime in late June. We are all very excited about welcoming another sweet girl into our family. Lily definitely understands what is going on this time which is really cool. I think Ava kind of gets it because she periodically rubs my belly and talks about the baby in there. She makes me laugh, too, because before my SIL delivered her little girl (did I mention ours will be the tenth granddaughter on Nate's side, no boys yet) we were teasing her and yelling at her belly, "Come out, Baby!" The girls thought it was hilarious. Now, Ava has already started yelling for our baby to come out. I keep telling her the baby is too small yet, but she does not entirely grasp the whole baby growing concept... she is only two :)

It was so funny when we first told Lily we were having another baby, it was about a week or two before her birthday and she asked, "Is this baby going to be my birthday present this year?" When Ava was born on Lily's 2nd birthday, we told her that Ava was God's present to her! She was more than a little relieved that this would not be another December 21st baby.

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