Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Fix

Well, I know all you grandparents out there are jonesing for some pics of the kiddos, so here it goes.

First, here is a humorous tid-bit from Lily. This morning, she asked me to make pancakes. I told her I didn't know how to and we would have to ask Daddy so, she proceeded to give me the following instructions:

"You jus pour in da water an mix it around. Den, you put in da chocolate chips. You put it in da oven and Lily helps you eat it!"


Nate and Lily sporting the (hideous) orange shirts we were sent for purchasing our season football tickets.

So, Ava has started coming over when we're eating dinner (even when she's already been fed) and just screaming angrily at us until we give her something off of our plate. The other night we had ribs and no one could handle listening to her protests anymore :) She thoroughly enjoyed this.

While I was cleaning out my closet, Lily discovered this scarf. Her first reaction was "Momma, it's beautiful!" Then, she told me all the colors on it. Then, she proceeded to try to use as a leash for her baby sister while calling out "Come on, Doggy Ava!" Doesn't Ava look psyched about it?

Ava discovered Sissy's chair this morning. She thought it was very cool. I think I am seeing a good Christmas present in her future :)

And, of course, since we took a picture of Ava, Lily had to have one of her. Don't mind the chocolate on her face (it's from the chocolate pancakes we got Daddy to make).

Also, I came across this on one of the other blogs I read. It is a wanted ad for a nanny written by a woman on the upper east side in Manhattan and posted on Craigslist. It is hilarious. I think this woman may be Mrs. X from The Nanny Diaries (although, she may be a slightly kinder version, maybe).

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